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World recruitment down as companies retain rather than shed staff
21.03.2019 00:00

The global recruitment market is slowing, with major markets including Europe, Africa, India and China focusing on hiring at managerial and professional levels, says a major survey.

According to the Global Snapshot project from international recruitment firm, Antal, hiring was down worldwide, from 57% of respondents in the last survey in September 2010 to 50% in February 2011, but the percentage of organisations intending to shed staff had dropped by 7% to 16%, indicating that the dip in recruitment activity is largely down to companies retaining their staff.

The poll of 4,465 organisations found the highest Western European hiring levels were in Luxembourg (86%), the UK (66%), Belgium (65%) and France (58%). The lowest levels of hiring of professionals and managers were in the Netherlands (34%), Spain (33%) and Austria at just 23%.

The Americas region is currently the most active recruiter in the world, with an average of 70% of businesses taking on managers and professionals. The highest scores came from the US and Mexico, both at (76%) and the lowest scoring country in the Americas was Argentina, at a still relatively high 60%.

Across the globe, the sectors with the highest levels of recruitment at managerial and professional level were social media, business services, healthcare, retail and the banking and financial services sectors.

The lowest were legal, communications and pharmaceutical/medical, all falling below 40%.

Tony Goodwin, chairman and CEO of Antal International, said: "The good news is that the employment market is finally rightsizing and steadying. Although current recruitment activity is down by 7% from last quarter, this is matched by the percentage of organisations letting staff go, which has also dropped by 7% from 23% last quarter.

"Western Europe has taken a hit, recording the lowest levels of recruitment activity of all regions. However, the Americas region has overtaken the Asia-Pacific region in having the highest demand for professionals and managers, signifying a small rebalance in economic power."