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Technology is King in HR!
06.12.2018 00:00

As with all departments, human resource functions are being tasked with doing more with less.  The answer to that is easily achieved through technology solutions available, but there are so many options, where do we turn?  And in smaller organizations the budget doesn’t exist for large-scale implementation.

The two initiatives that are good news for all are the focus on integration and cloud computing.   Integration of various software platforms will allow HR teams to enter data once and ensure all operations are up to date.  Seen today in many payroll platforms, the system is able to send changes to benefit vendors, calculate workers compensation rates and report new hires to your state with one entry.

Cloud computing is the concept where you purchase the rights to use a software system, and the vendor maintains the program as well as your data.  You then access the system via the Internet.  Cloud computing allows HR top operate from any office, and provide virtual employees real-time access to services.  Utilizing cloud computing allows HR leaders to secure software enhancements without costly hardware requirements.  There is no need to worry about software updates, the vendor makes updates as needed since the system is in their domain at all times.