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Top 50 Human Resources Blogs in 2012

Работа в сфере консалтинговых услуг для бизнеса, особенно в компании по подбору персонала, требует всегда быть в курсе новинок и мировых тенденций отрасли. Поэтому мне приходится периодически (с интересом!) просматривать множество статей и блогов о рекрутинге в англоязычном Интернете.

Конечно, чтобы составить рейтинг, пусть и субъективный, лучших блогов о рекрутинге – титанический труд. Он потребовал бы даже не просмотра, а изучения; и не 50, а возможно, и 100 блогов. И значительно лучшего, чем у меня, знания языка…Поэтому я благодарен своему коллеге Evan Carmichael из Канады за столь полезный труд.

Итак, лучшие HR-блоги на английском языке – 2012:


1) BizSugar(HumanResources)

http://www.bizsugar.com/HumanResources- Human Resources section includes articles about implementing strategies and policies relating to the management of your employees. This section can help you answer questions about HR problems and solutions, such as dealing with employees’ stress, how to hire and fire employees and much more.

2) Taleo Research

http://www.taleo.com/talent-management-blog/- Talent management offers connected HR processes that deliver fundamental business value for any organization.

3) Recruiting Blogs

http://www.recruitingblogs.com/- Recruiting Daily (RD) is your inside look into today’s recruiting world. Our community offers all of the resources you need to be successful in one central place including tips, tools, and industry news.

RecruitingDaily.com LLC most recently purchased RecruitingBlogs.com the original social network for recruiters, HR, and staffing professionals.

RD is managed by Noel Cocca and Tim Spagnola whose combined experience spans 20+ years with physician, executive and healthcare recruitment. Both have desk experience with small and large firms and have managed, hired and trained recruiters from all professional backgrounds.

Their vision is to make RD a full service resource for recruiting professionals. Striking the balance between managing a successful desk and pursuing your personal life goals can be tricky but RD can help you manage that process.

4) HR.com

http://www.hr.com/- HR.com is in business to help build great companies by connecting them to the knowledge and resources they need to effectively manage the people side of business. As the global authority, we deliver HR Best Practices to help organizations build great companies through community, collaboration, research, shared best practices, and measurements.

5) Gurublog workplace wit and wisdom

http://www.personneltoday.com/blogs/human-resources-guru/- Guru is Personnel Today’s notorious HR commentator. He’s been working in HR for far too long and observes every passing management fad with a mixture of anger and amusement. His blog is the one thing saving his long-suffering wife, Mrs Guru, from having to endure too much of his ranting about the big HR stories of the day.

6) Seasonal Human Resources Blog

http://seasonalhr.coolworks.com/- Our goal is to provide timely updates to HR managers at seasonal employers across the U.S. However, most of this stuff is applicable to employers and job seekers alike.

7) HRzone

http://www.hrzone.co.uk/- HRzone.co.uk delivers topical, practical content to HR professionals in business.

8) Workplace Tribes – Discussing All Things HR

http://blog.tribehr.com/- TribeHR is an exciting development in the world of human resource management: our innovative features let your company focus more on what you do best, and less on the things that get in your way. Our HR management software doesn’t just hold all of your employee information: It also cleverly studies it to show you trends, and highlights information that can save you time and money.

Full of awesome features in an easy-to-use intuitive interface, TribeHR helps you build a motivated and resourceful culture in your company, making everyone happier and more efficient.

9) HR Web Café

http://www.hrwebcafe.com/- The HR Web Café is sponsored by ESI Employee Assistance Group. ESI has been delivering employee assistance services throughout the US and Canada to over 1,000,000 members and 1800 employers throughout the US and Canada for more than two decades. During that time, we’ve encountered virtually every employee problem and have developed a depth of experience and expertise in dealing with these issues.

HR Web Café is our way of sharing some of what we and a few of our colleagues have learned – we hope that you’ll be able to use that information to improve things in your organization. So pull up a chair, grab a cup of coffee, and feel free to join in the discussion.

10) Evil HR Lady

http://evilhrlady.org/- All HR people are evil, it’s in our job description. Or at least, that seems to be the prevailing theory. In reality, there’s just more going on behind the scenes than most people know. I’m here to demystify your Human Resources department and tell you just why you worked your tail end off all year and still got a 1.7 percent bonus.

11) Know HR

http://www.knowhr.com/blog/about-2/- We talk about HR because we know HR. We like simple language. Straightforward stuff. We don’t have much patience with HR jargon (unless we’re making fun of it). The program de jour is probably not going to be on the menu. Crappy business books are bound to be skewered. But it’s not all negative. We believe that people really want to do a good job. That there are ways to create motivation. And that communication is at the heart of it all. You’ll probably get that bias here.

KnowHR is a product of IFRACTAL LLC, which provides organizational communication and custom software to some of the leading companies in the world.

12) Talent and Social Business

http://www.gautamblogs.com/- Gautam is Platform Evangelist and India Marketing Lead at BraveNewTalent and blogger at Gautamblogs.com. He specializes in the areas of HR, Organization Development and how businesses can leverage Social Media for Organizational Learning and Employee Engagement.

13) Human Capital League

http://humancapitalleague.com/- Human Capital League is a new online community for workplace management professionals and others interested in the best practices of training and development, employee benefits, recruiting, payroll and the many other people-related functions that keep the wheels of commerce turning smoothly.

14) Daily HR tips

http://www.dailyhrtips.com/- Founded in 2009, DailyHRTips.com is an HR Blog that specializes in providing Human Resource Management tips and news. We cover the areas of Change Management, Talent Management, Employee Training, Employee Development, Organizational Development, and Career Development. DailyHRTips.com audience includes in-house HR professionals, HR and OD consultants, and all those in related fields.

DailyHRTips.com is dedicated to providing Human Resource and Organizational Development professionals with tips, advice, news, monthly features, video, games and more!

15) International HR Forum

http://www.internationalhrforum.com/- This is a Blog about all issues related to international HR. The authors represent nine organizations who have joined together to share their expertise in matters such as expatriate and local national compensation, benefits, expatriate taxation, cultural adjustment and EAPs, international schooling, and more.

Each author has their own “About” page, where you can learn a little bit more about their background and experience, along with information about their company and the services offered. You will also find links to company websites, LinkedIn profiles and other useful contact information.

16) Punk Rock HR

http://punkrockhr.com/- The Punk Rock HR blog was founded by Laurie Ruettimann in 2007 and retired in 2010. The domain, content library, Facebook page, Twitter account, and ideas expressed on this blog are wholly owned by Ms. Ruettimann.

17) Women of HR

http://womenofhr.com/- Women of HR is a site dedicated to the development of women in human resources and business. It is a place to find information and discuss topics on a wide variety of issues that impact the lives of women.  It’s a place to find community and collaboration.

18) Jon Ingham’s Strategic HCM Blog

http://strategic-hcm.blogspot.com/- HCM is much more than just a new name for HR. It is also much more than just a ‘decision science’ focused on measurement and benchmarking.

HCM is an evolving approach to creating value in an organisation based upon the capability of its people. HCM strategies are tightly aligned with a business’ needs. HCM strategies tend to be unique and innovative, going far beyond HR best practice. HCM programmes rely on excellent delivery and an appropriate approach to measurement. The resulting development of human capital helps transform the way that business is done and that service is provided. This delivers significant bottom-line benefits for a business.

19) HumanResources.com

http://www.humanresources.com/- HumanResources.com is to provide quality information to everyone who seeks it.  We are committed to providing information that cultivates knowledge, insight, and personal development.  We are happy to keep you up-to-date on changing trends and new products as they become available.  We especially strive to help you in these challenging times, to give you information and direction, so that you can have confidence and hope for a brighter future.

20) WelcomeToHR

http://welcometohr.com/- Human Resources is an independent source of international creative inspiration, curated by Ross Colquhoun and Kurt Smith. In 2008 we were nominated for ‘Arts & Culture Blog of the Year’ by style bible Dazed & Confused Magazine.

21) HR Virtual Café

http://hrvirtualcafe.com/- This blog is about work-life issues and social media. Susan Avello – regular contributor of the Society of Human Resource Management’s “Next” blog.

22) HRM of the Philippines

http://www.hrm.com.ph/- HR Philippines Social Community is dedicated to all HR practitioners in the Philippines & beyond. Non-practitioners are also welcome.

23) Systematic HR

http://systematichr.com/- SystematicHR is a human resources blog about the intersection between HR process and HR technology. It is where HR strategies become the practice of service delivery. Here, we discuss how HRMS systems, point solutions such as TAS, TMS, portals, etc, can be utilized to maximize your employee experience and enhance the strategic capabilities of your organization as well as the concerns of the day such as employee engagement, project management, and cost parameters to your strategies. We discuss how different processes and service delivery models such as HRO and call centers affect your employee’s experience.

24) Inflexion Advisors

http://inflexionadvisors.com/blog/- Inflexion Advisors is a strategic consulting firm that works at the intersection of senior HR executives, service providers and industry analysts. We work with and understand the needs of each group, allowing for the unique position of facilitating interaction and commerce between all three.

We have decades of industry experience (probably more than we’d care to admit) and deploy a cross-functional, strategic perspective gained from working with senior leaders across organizations large and small, public and private, domestic and international. As thought leaders, we have cultivated one of the largest industry affinity groups, providing a direct link for market and user dialogue.

And although we take our engagements seriously, we have been found to smile on occasion, tell stories, build relationships and have fun. Life’s too short to do anything else.

Inflexion Advisors, LLC is headquartered in San Francisco, California and is a privately held firm.

25) McArthur’s Rant – Human Resources, People Development and HR 2.0

http://www.mcarthursrant.com/- Scott McArthur – Business consultant, facilitator,speaker and writer with international experience of delivering HR transformation and development consulting,key notes, learning events, seminars and training.

26) HRN Europe Blog

http://www.hrneurope.com/blog/- HRN Europe are interested in building a picture of what the future of work will bring and how transformational global organisations are best prepared to succeed. Our value proposition has been to offer quality over quantity. The Pan European HR Network connect the dots by involving senior-most executives in live research and events to help promote; Collaborative Discovery, Deliberate Practice, Personal Proficiency and Social Responsibility”.

27) Hrbloggers

http://hrbloggers.com/- HRbloggers.com delivers news, information and blog posts from the top sources in the Human Resources Industry.

28) Profitability Through Human Capital

http://intellectualcapitalconsulting.blogspot.com/- This blog is designed to discuss how organizations are leveraging their human capital in order to increase business results through increased productivity, efficiency, and accountability. By understanding the linkage between employee engagement and customer engagement, companies can focus their efforts on what matters most.

29) HRBlogger

http://hrblogger.info/- The HR, Recruiting,and Talent Management industries are doing amazing things. Thousands of blogs, websites, and youtube channels are out there, and it’s easy to become overwhelmed. HR Blogger was created to cut through the noise and feature the best blogs, vlogs and conversations about our industry.

At HR Blogger, the goal is to bring the best HR, Recruiting, and Talent Management Blogs in one place. Created by Jessica Miller-Merrell, known as Blogging4Jobs. In 2009, Jessica created the first ever HR Blogging Directory featuring some of the best HR, Job Search, and Recruiting blogs throughout the world. And in 2011, HR Blogger is the next generation of that directory.


30) Shauna Moerke is…

http://hrminion.com/- In this blog You’ll find some great information, things that will make you chuckle, opinions you may or may not agree with, and all things HR. As I like to describe it, this blog is Human Resources from a minion’s point of view.

31) CSR for HR

http://www.csrforhr.com/p/about-me.html- A blog about the interface of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)and the role of Human Resources (HR) professionals in embedding CSR culture and practices in the business. This blog supplements my book: “CSR for HR: A necessary partnership for advancing responsible business practices” published October 2010 by Greenleaf Publishing.

32) exeQserve HR Solutions

http://www.exeqserve.com/- ExeQserve is a human resource consulting company that offers services in recruitment, training and human resource management consulting. We offer the most cost effective way of helping you manage your most important resources, your people.

33) Human Resource Consulting

http://outsource-hr.com/wordpress/- Outsource HR is based out of beautiful southern California. Our mission is to develop long-term business partnerships by consistently delivering exceptional quality and customer service.

34) Innovation in HR

http://innovationinhr.com/- Innovation in HR is an initiative that aims to address what is changing within recruiting and HR. Unlike previous discussions that have been focussed on HR general themes, Innovation in HR brings dynamic and cutting edge discussion and thought leadership to individual industries.

All with the aim to help HR professionals carry out their tasks more efficiently, and for job seekers to understand what they need to do within the industry they are applying for to give them the best chance of securing a job. We hope that this in turn will do its bit in reducing the unemployment gap in the US and beyond.

35) HRchitect

http://puzzlingworldofhrtechnology.com/- HRchitect is the leader in HR systems strategic consulting.  As the premier Human Capital Management (HCM) and Talent Management Systems consulting firm, our services include the selection, implementation, and integration of Human Resource Information Systems (HRIS), Talent Management Suites (TMS), Performance Management, Succession Management, Compensation Management, Learning Management, Competency Management, Talent Acquisition Systems, and Time & Attendance software.

36) HRLori

http://hrlori.com/- HRLori is also known as Lori R. Dorn. Based out of New York City. Provides HR consulting services for small and mid-size companies. Over 13 years experience in Human Resources and am an active member in the Society of Human Resources Management.

37) Solutions Law Press – HR & Benefits Update

http://slphrbenefitsupdate.com/- Solutions Law Press™ provides business compliance, effectiveness and risk management information, training and educational Resources and other Resources.  The information contained in this website, the materials and communications of Solutions Law Press™ and/or any of its program presenters and/or contributing authors, and/or any other any Resources of or access through Solutions Law Press™ or its affiliates or any other publication or program shared on this Resource (Resources) are provided subject to the terms of these Terms of Use.  By accessing these Resources, the reader expressly acknowledges and agrees to be bound by these terms and conditions.

38) HR Margo Rose HireFriday 3.0

http://www.hrmargo.com/- Margo Rose – Host of Compassionate HR and Founder of HireFriday: Connecting Job Seekers To Resources.

39) HR Funda

http://hrfundablog.blogspot.com/- HR Funda is featured amongst the Career 100 – a list of the top 100 career related blogs globally.

40) The HR Maven

http://www.thehrmaven.com/- Welcome to my HR perspective. I am Deirdre Honner writing, tweeting, and connecting as theHRmaven. My professional experience includes employment, classification, employee relations, HRIS, compensation and immigration. I have a master’s degree and SPHR certification.

When not working, I am a social media junkie, normally have a Nikon camera in hand, and love living in Michigan.

41) Texas Strategic Human Resources

http://txstrategichr.com/- Ten plus years in HR and recruitment + a true desire to give human resources a strategic role rather than a tactical one. I leverage my law degree to make HR more than just the old school “Personnel” department. I know how human capital can impact operations and the bottom line. It’s no fun if we’re not making money.

I’ve written for a nationally recognized blog, featured in the NY Times and the Austin-American Statesman. I’ve also been featured on the highest rated Human Resources radio show, DriveThru HR.

42) Cornerstone – HR Advantage

http://www.cornerstonehradvantage.com/blog/- Cornerstone helps in making sure that clients’ growth curve improves, business is done strategically, employee skills are heightened, productivity improves and such an environment for the business is created which enhances their ability thus resulting in improvement in quality and satisfaction. We give a commitment to build and maintain an accessible and supportive atmosphere for the general workplace.

Providing end to end solutions, Cornerstone helps organizations in accessing and improving their work force management resulting in improvement in the bottom-line in operations. The prime objective is to connect the dots between great opportunities and great talent. Our expertise and commitment in every work that we undertake ensures that our clients have access to the best of HR practices. We tailor our Hr solutions keeping the client company’s goals in the hind sight. Our team is well equipped to learn and respond to all your staffing, administration, employee management and compliance needs. We at Cornerstone leave no stone unturned to give you full worth of your money, time and trust in us. Determiners that differentiate us from the Herd.

43) HR Concepts for Small Business

http://hrconcepts.wordpress.com/- Strategic Growth Concepts human resources division consists of a network of highly-experienced professionals who specialize in recruitment/staffing, outplacement, job analysis, benefits, compensation and a variety of other HR specialty areas.

Founder, CEO and Managing Consultant, Linda Daichendt is an experienced small business expert with over 20 years of national and international experience.

44) HR Today Blog

http://www.humanreasourcestoday.co.uk/- The goal of this site is to provide a service to the HR community and to small businesses that may not be able to afford an HR department. We want to encourage you to benchmark your organisation, no matter what the size, against the best that are out there. As a community it is our goal to publish relevant articles for small business who require assistance in their PR department.

45) HR whY?

http://www.hrwhy.com/- Focusing on themes such as business operations, leadership, human resources, career development, management and technology, HR whY? attempts to provide a different perspective than what floods the knowledge base today.  That perspective is of a human resources professional that is “labeled” as Generation Y but doesn’t quite act like it.

46) gNeil HR Forum

http://gneil.blogspot.com/- In this space, you’ll find information and opinions on HR trends, timely issues and compliance “best practice” tips. Plus, you’re welcome to post comments on the HR and personnel challenges you encounter — and overcome — in the workplace!

47) HR & OD Strategies that Help You Reach Success

http://www.singergrp.com/- The Singer Group brings innovative and progressive human resources and organizational development solutions to organizations in the public, social and private sectors that want to reach for maximum results and achieve maximum success.

48) HR Experience

http://hrexperience.it/- In HR Experience you will find articles about human resources and management in different categories, real stories and experiences related to professional career and human resources topics, an opportunity to exchange ideas and share experiences with others

suggestions for university students and recently graduates to use their time effectively and plan their future.

49) LSU Human Resource

http://lsu-hrld.blogspot.com/- Louisiana State University holds a prominent position in American higher education and is considered one of the world’s finest teaching and research institutions. The University is one of only 25 institutions nationwide to be designated as both a land-grant and sea-grant institution. LSU is one of only 151 universities, 102 public and 49 private classified by the Carnegie Foundation as a Research Extensive University (formerly called Research I). Today, more than 28,000 undergraduate and 5,000 graduate students from around the world enroll at LSU.

50) Hicks Morley – Human Resources Legislative Update

http://www.humanresourceslegislativeupdate.com/- Hicks Morley’s Human Resources Legislative Update blog features a range of federal and Ontario legislation, regulations and related initiatives of interest to a broad spectrum of employers.


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