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Job Netting
13.05.2014 00:00

Have you been job hunting on the Net yet? Have you used online recruiting services to hire new employees? In this article we'll explore how the Internet can exacerbate the failings of the traditional employment system, then we'll look at some ways you might use this powerful new information technology to your advantage.

Recruiting Practices and Employer Branding
13.05.2014 00:00

Recruiting practices need to be consistent with branding strategies or organizations risk missing out on top talent and potential revenue, according to a global study by Alexander Mann Solutions - and social media amplify the consequences..

When Well-written Resumes Don't Work
02.03.2014 00:00

by Linda Matias

Job seekers spend more time fretting over their resumes than any other process during a job search. This is because most believe that the resume serves as a magic bullet. But no matter how great you sound on paper, the reality is that a resume can get you only so far in the job search, even if it is well written.

Cloud HCM an unstoppable trend, worth risk and cost, experts say
02.03.2014 00:00

The days of on-premises human capital management (HCM) systems could be numbered.

The innovation is going to be in cloud HCM and there's no turning back from that, although it won't happen overnight, according to Steve Bogner, managing partner at Insight Consulting Partners, a Cincinnati-based company that works with SAP HR and payroll software.

Charisma and Leadership Strengths
12.02.2014 00:00

A deep-seated process in human cognition is involved in attributing charisma according to researchers Michael Morris, Chavkin-Chang Professor of Leadership,Columbia Business School; Maia Young, assistant professor of Human Resources and Organization Behavior, UCLA Anderson School of Management and Vicki Scherwin, Assistant Professor, Management and Human Resources Management, California State University, Long Beach.

Childcare reform: What it means for employers
12.02.2014 00:00

For anyone interested in working parents there is no doubt this has been a big news week. Yesterday was dominated by the announcement of a new childcare voucher scheme that will allow households where both parents are in employment to claim up to £1,200 per child towards the cost of childcare.

Hiring Employees Who Are ‘Customer-Ready’
03.02.2014 16:03

The Age of the Customer is the title and the focus of Jim Blasingame’s new book. I like the tagline even more — Prepare For The Moment of Relevance.

New Trends In Hiring
09.01.2014 00:00

Organizations are planning to increase hiring as the economy recovers but are making significant changes to their recruitment strategies according to research from Job Search Television Network (JSTN), a leading video and social media based recruiting company. Cuts to recruiting staffs and budgets during the recession have resulted in a greater emphasis on lower cost, efficient technological solutions. The report notes increasingly targeted use of social media in the recruitment process.

Five HR technology trends for 2013 -- and three critical action items
08.01.2014 00:00

While the cloud, social, mobile and big data have all affected HR software in the past year, perhaps the most significant among 2012's HR technology trends was simply the rise in interest. Considering that the 2012 HR Technology Conference was the most heavily attended in the event's 15-year history, it's evident that HR managers want to take a more active role in driving business objectives, and they're looking to technology to help.

Stay Interviews: an Essential Tool for Winning ‘the War to Keep Your Employees’
03.12.2013 13:08

The complete guide on how to use stay interviews to improve retention

Many firms use exit interviews to find out why employees are leaving their jobs. Unfortunately, asking an employee on their last day “why are you leaving?” doesn’t provide useful information in time to prevent the turnover. A superior approach that I’ve been recommending for over 20 years is a “stay interview.” I alternatively call it a “pre-exit interview,” because it occurs before there is any hint that an employee is about to exit the firm. A stay interview helps you understand why employees stay, so that those important factors can be reinforced.

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