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My 12 High-impact Interview Questions for Top Candidates
28.03.2013 00:00

If you’re not getting exceptional hires, it may be because your traditional interview process is simply not designed to excite them. Instead of dwelling on the past, a superior alternative is to ask them to solve real problems, and to demonstrate that they are forward-looking and that they have solutions for the future. Top candidates routinely dislike standard interviews because they find them tedious and predictable. Most interviews are simply not designed to allow a top candidate to show off their capabilities, ideas, and innovativeness. As a result, if you are recruiting for a mission-critical job that requires an exceptional hire, you simply cannot afford to bore top candidates with standard interview questions.

Honesty is best for job-seekers
30.01.2013 00:00

A recently published study indicates that honesty pays off for job applicants. Job-seekers in the study were warned that a pre-employment test could detect fake responses. Consequently, their answers were more honest than average - possibly improving their chances of being hired.

Rating recruitment agencies in Ukraine – 2011
07.05.2012 13:41

The purpose of the study is to determine the best-known recruitment agencies in Ukraine.

The recruitment game should open doors, not close them
10.11.2011 12:44

We’re recruiting again. This is obviously good news but it’s also perplexing – despite the current market conditions we still find ourselves scrapping for the best graduates. They seem to have as many options as ever and, having to cope with them deciding between many offers, can be a humbling process for this owner-manager of a small financial PR agency.

Why Facebook searches on job hunters should be banned
16.09.2011 12:08

In fact, the king of social media sites has been at the centre of a number of protests from users complaining about the perceived lack of protection afforded by Facebook's own privacy policy.

Peeling The Offer
17.06.2011 13:35

You're in demand. The offers are flying. (Well, maybe you've got a couple.) Your employer is nervous, so it's offering substantial incentives in the hope that you'll stick around.

Stemming the decline in the quality of new hires
03.06.2011 11:09

With high unemployment rates and layoffs still fresh in everyone’s minds, senior leadership and hiring managers often believe that professional talent is a buyer’s market.

Employee Performance Reviews
13.05.2011 12:21

The Workforce Mood Tracker survey found that U.S. employees were dissatisfied and disconnected overall about the frequency and effectiveness of performance reviews. Based upon the survey's findings, it can be concluded that organizations should be concerned about motivational issues at review time. Main findings were:

Emotional Intelligence and Job Satisfaction
12.04.2011 12:17

Research from the University of Haifa found that employees with high levels of emotional intelligence are more dedicated and satisfied at work. The study surveyed 809 employees and managers in two public sector organisations and two private companies, examining the influence of emotional intelligence on factors such as organizational politics, work attitudes, formal and informal behavior, feelings of justice, and burnout.

Career Advancement in Tough Times
30.03.2011 11:10

The recession we are heading into promises to be brutal and long-lasting. Once the pink slips start piling up—as they surely will—the workplace will become increasingly Darwinian. In times like these, the default setting for many people goes something like this: I'm going to keep my head down, avoid drawing attention, and hope to be standing when the destruction passes.

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