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Career Advancement in Tough Times
30.03.2011 11:10

The recession we are heading into promises to be brutal and long-lasting. Once the pink slips start piling up—as they surely will—the workplace will become increasingly Darwinian. In times like these, the default setting for many people goes something like this: I'm going to keep my head down, avoid drawing attention, and hope to be standing when the destruction passes.

5 "Sticky" Interview Tactics: Part 2
21.03.2011 12:17

In Part 1 of this article we discussed how to make yourself "sticky" by attaching yourself to the work and by letting the manager see you as an employee. Here are three more sticky interview tactics.

5 "Sticky" Interview Tactics: Part 1
16.03.2011 13:57

You've heard the term used when describing web sites: "It's very sticky!" In other words, the site employs techniques that ensure its repetitive use, that keep visitors thinking about it, and that encourage users to tell other people about it. You just can't let it go.

Uncover Hidden Jobs
09.03.2011 13:47

"Hidden jobs" are hidden only from people who have their heads stuck in the want ads and Internet job postings. You will identify the jobs no one else knows about by actively and doggedly investigating the companies you want to work in — not by waiting for them to come to you.

The Job Search Starts at Home
23.02.2011 14:36

In the book, Ask The Headhunter, I devote a lot of ink to explaining how you can win a new job by demonstrating to the employer that you are a one-person profit center. In fact, a profit-based approach to job hunting is easily translated into a profit-based strategy for keeping the job you have or changing jobs in your own company. I tried to spread the word about this idea in the chapter titled, "Honesty":

10 main questions in an interview with job applicants
25.01.2011 10:50

The Human Resources decide everything, as is well known. Or almost everything. An interview with the job applicants and assessment of their compliance with requested position is the most important phase of the personnel selection and the most important task for an internal recruiter (HR-manager) of any enterprise. As to a small enterprise – the task of its manager. The better is recruiter’s knowledge about an applicant, the better he is "armed” for taking the proper decision. WHY the applicant searches for a new job? An answer to this question is the key moment for the recruiter.

Recruitment agencies in Ukraine: peculiarities of the national selection
25.01.2011 10:39

Part 2. Peculiarities of the national selection

Part 1

How to select a recruitment agency, when practically each of them tells that it has:

- long-term experience,

- extensive database,

- individual approach,

- great list of satisfied clients,

and other standard marketing advantages…

Let’s puzzle out and distinguish really important selection criteria from phony ones.

  1. Scale of an agency. Is it important? Most likely – no.

The recruitment agencies may vary from 1-2 to 20-30 persons, from freelancers to "daughters” of Western recruitment nets...

Recruitment agencies in Ukraine: peculiarities of the national selection
25.01.2011 10:34

Part 1: How to select the recruitment agency

In this paper I summarize all the notes, quotations from different interviews and posts in blogs on an important subject: peculiarities of both recruitment agencies selection and work with them.

20 правил поиска талантливых менеджеров от Лу Адлера, известнейшего американского эксперта в сфере рекрутинга и хедхантинга.
11.01.2009 01:56

The Official Rules for Hiring Top Talent

Every sport has rules, even pickup games. We even have rules for our kids - when they can watch TV, play video games, go to bed, etc. Business investment projects has rules for just about everything - important things like capital expenditures, accounting, SEC reporting, and product design and testing; or less important things like how to dress, when to come to work, how to earn vacation, and how to fill in expense reports.

Цикл «2000 вопросов для собеседования при отборе персонала». Часть 1-я.
11.01.2009 01:47

Personnel Selection: Interview Questions: Achievement


  1. Do you enjoy working on difficult projects or investment activity?
  2. Do you have accomplishments you are proud of?
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